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Adorned Silver

Mystic Fox

Mystic Fox

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Introducing our enchanting "Mystic Fox: Wraparound Ring," a captivating piece that combines the allure of a fox with the natural beauty and healing properties of amber. This exquisite ring features a stunning amber stone as the centerpiece, intricately carved into the shape of a fox's head.

The "Mystic Fox Ring" is meticulously crafted from high-quality sterling silver, creating a durable and elegant piece that is sure to stand the test of time. The open wraparound design allows for adjustable sizing, ensuring a comfortable fit on any finger.

Amber, known as the "stone of health and spirituality," holds a rich history of being revered for its healing properties. Wearing amber is believed to promote physical well-being and aid in emotional healing. It is said to radiate positive energy, providing a sense of warmth, protection, and balance.

As you wear the "Mystic Fox Ring," the amber stone touches your skin, allowing its beneficial properties to be absorbed. The fox symbolizes cunning, adaptability, and wisdom, serving as a reminder of the inherent strength and resilience within you. The combination of the fox and amber creates a powerful synergy, inspiring you to embrace your intuition and navigate life's challenges with grace and insight.

Embrace the natural beauty and spiritual benefits of amber with the "Mystic Fox Ring." Let its warm golden hues and intricate fox design add a touch of elegance and mystique to your style. Wear it as a symbolic reminder of your connection to nature, your inner wisdom, and the healing energy that surrounds you

Metal: Sterling Silver
Stone: 9.8 mm Amber 
Weight: 3.5 g
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