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Simple Treasures

Simple Treasures

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Ring 1: Celestial Eternity: The Celestial Eternity ring encapsulates the enchantment of the cosmos in a wearable work of art. Crafted with exquisite precision, the ring features a solid star at its center, symbolizing boundless dreams and aspirations. Surrounding the star is an elegant oval that loops around the entire band, representing the infinite cycle of life and the interconnectedness of the universe. Its sleek design and celestial symbolism make it a captivating accessory for those whose minds are always immersed in the wonders of the stars.

Ring 2: Geometric Harmony: Geometric Harmony is a statement piece that seamlessly blends contemporary style with abstract allure. The ring showcases a series of perfectly aligned squares along its front, with the center square being the largest. The geometric arrangement represents the harmony found within structure and symmetry, while the varying sizes of the squares evoke a sense of depth and artistic ingenuity. This ring is a testament to the wearer's appreciation for abstract art and their innate ability to embrace the unconventional with grace and confidence.

Ring 3: Heart's Desire: The Heart's Desire ring is an embodiment of love, tenderness, and emotional connection. At its center lies a beautifully crafted heart, symbolizing affection, compassion, and the depths of one's emotions. This exquisite ring serves as a reminder of the wearer's loving heart and their genuine passion for nurturing meaningful relationships. With its elegant and heartfelt design, the Heart's Desire ring is perfect for individuals who value love and cherish the bonds they share with others.

Each ring has its own unique charm and caters to different styles and personalities.

Metal: Sterling Silver
Weight: A 2.62g/ B 2.82g/ C 1.94g

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